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I reblog beautiful (often landscape) pictures


6 selfie thing!!!

it was a struggle to scrounge together 6 pictures of myself i like (i take a lot of bad selfies)

you will notice varying levels of acne because my self esteem and hence the confidence to post a selfie without editing out spots varies from selfie to selfie

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Early morning on the mountain.


I love that you can make strong jawlines without custom sliders ;-;


Preston Locke

The first guy I created in TS4. He’s got a kind of lumberjack vibe happening. His traits are loves outdoors, outgoing, goofball and collector and his aspiration is freelance botanist.

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So here is my first TS4 sim: Maya Lee, she’s a super yuppie girl with an amazing outgoing personality. She will fight to find her own place in the business industry.